Who is a Young Carer?

Young carers are people under 18 who look after somebody in their family who is ill, disabled, has mental health problems or is misusing drugs or alcohol. 

Young girl with brown hair smiling and holding up information about young carers

Young carers might do extra jobs at home, including: 

  • Cooking 
  • Cleaning 
  • Housework 
  • Helping the person they care for to wash or dress 
  • Helping to give medication 
  • Stay with the person they look after and keeping them company when they’re feeling down 

Being a young carer can have a big impact on a young person’s health, social life and education. Many young carers struggle to juggle their school work and caring which can cause them lots of stress. Young carers often have less free time compared to other children to take part in social activities. 

Carers Trust have produced a useful poster which gives more information about Young carers: Who are they? What do they do? 

If you are a young carer and would like to know more about how we can support you and your family, you could ask a parent or even a teacher at school to contact us so we can talk to you about how we can help you.