Who is a Young Adult Carer?

If you are aged 18-25 and you are helping to look after someone who has a long-term illness, disability, mental ill-health or substance misuse problem who could not manage without your support, you are a young adult carer.

You might be looking after someone close to you who needs help and support on a regular basis. Anyone can be a carer, at any time of their life.  

“It is nice to find out about other young adults like myself… just don’t be afraid.”

Carer or Care Worker?

At Newcastle Carers we know how hard it can be to look after someone, and we’re here to help with information, advice and support when you need it.  

What is the difference between a ‘carer’ and a ‘care worker’?  

A ‘carer’ is someone who provides unpaid care and support to someone such as a family member, friend or neighbour 

A ‘care worker’ is someone who is employed and paid to care for someone who is ill, disabled or has a certain health condition.   

What support do we offer?

At Newcastle Carers we know how hard it can be to look after someone, and we’re here to help with information, advice and support when you need it. 

Young adult carers can access all of the support that we have to offer, at Newcastle Carers, and you can find lots of useful information on our website.

Young adult carers have told us that they often face additional challenges because of their age and circumstances. So, we have a Young Adult Carer Worker who can give an individual and tailor made service to young adult carers, and therefore meet the needs of your age group.

“I look after my Mum and now I have made friends who are just like me”

Why do carers need support?

Although caring can be a positive and rewarding experience, we understand it can also be stressful and challenging.  There are approximately 7 million unpaid carers in the UK. 1 in 12 young adults in Newcastle have a caring role and often struggle with no support.  If you are a carer we want you to know that we are here to support you.  

Access to information, emotional support, advocacy, financial support and opportunities to take a break can help manage the impact of caring.  
If you are caring for someone and would like to know more about how we can provide you with information, advice and support, please talk to us.

Students with a caring role

Young adult carers who are living in Newcastle as students and still provide care to a family member, or friend who lives in another area (outside of Newcastle) can still access support through Newcastle Carers whilst they are living in Newcastle.  

If you are student living in Newcastle and caring for someone living in another area, talk to us

How our young adult carer worker can support you

Give you information and advice to help you in your caring role

Help you get information and services for you and the person you care for

Give you a chance to talk about your caring role with someone who understands

Help and support you to communicate and liase with professionals and other organisations

Help you connect with other young adults who are in similar caring situations

If you need one-to-one information and advice email us to speak to one our friendly team [email protected]

Or call us on:

We Care Too

This innovative campaign was created by a group of young adults who have a caring role. All of the young adult carers involved in creating #WeCareToo receive support from us. They feel that their lives would have been very different if they had received support sooner. This inspired them to raise awareness about the information, advice and support that is available for carers so that others in similar situations can get the help and support they need. Part of the campaign involved the young adults sharing their real-life experiences at an event they planned and organised in Newcastle: #WeCareToo Young Adult Carers Awareness Event. This event aimed to generate positive change among professionals, including greater recognition of carers and new ways to identify carers.

Visit our dedicated #WeCareToo page.

Free Digital Training

Having better digital skills and being confident using the internet can really help young people in their caring role.

We were awarded funding by Carers Trust as part of Nominet Trust’s Digital Reach programme to help young adult carers gain basic digital skills through better access to technology and online training platforms.

The funding allows us to offer a free digital training resource through specialist and dedicated support for young adult carers aged 18-25 to improve their digital skills.

This training covers topics such as: how to access online information about health, how to stay safe on the internet, and will also give individuals access to useful resources and self-help tools. 

To access this free online training resource register with Learn My Way website here using the code 8000569.  

Don’t have a computer?… We have free computers available to use, contact us for more information. 

Groups and activities

Our Young Adult Carers Group usually meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month, 6:00pm – 8:00pm at our Centre in Byker.

Come along to our fun and friendly group! Young adults plan their own activities, including group trips and outings, as well as planning topics for information/training sessions.

For details of the next group meeting, see here.

Creating a short film to raise awareness about the issues faced by young adult carers

An innovative and successful campaign called #WeCareToo to raise awareness of young adult carers in Newcastle

Games night – lots of fun communication skill games

Craft night – looking at ways of using arts and crafts to relax and de-stress

Visit to a local organisation to learn how to make pizzas!


Training/talks on such topics as learning British Sign Language (BSL)

Important Information

Our Young Adult Carer Worker provides information and support to unpaid carers aged 18-25 who are looking after someone living in Newcastle. Our carers centre is a building on Shields Road, Newcastle.

During the pandemic drop-in’s are closed until further notice. Staff are working from home and we will be offering the best service we can during these difficult times. You can still call our Carers Information Line which is open as normal Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.