#WeCareToo is an innovative campaign created by a group of young adult carers to generate change in Newcastle by helping more 18-25 year olds with a caring role know about the support available to them.

The Campaign

We Care Too is an exciting and innovative campaign created by a group of inspiring young adult carers. The campaign is a great example of what can be achieved when carers share their experiences to educate others. The campaign was created to reach out to 18-25 year olds, to help them understand that they are a carer and access all of the support available to them. You can find the We Care Too campaign by using the hashtag #WeCareToo 

As part of the #WeCareToo campaign, young adult carers were involved in creating a series of animations. They worked with design agency, Sail Creative, who transformed the groups exciting ideas into animations in order to share their real-life caring experiences.

All of the young adult carers involved in developing #WeCareToo receive support from us. They feel that their lives would have been very different if they had received support sooner. This inspired them to raise awareness about the information, advice and support that is available for carers so that other people in similar situations can get the help they need.

The young adults launched the animations at an event in Newcastle they planned and organised: #WeCareToo Young Adult Carers Awareness Event. At the event young adult carers shared their real-life experiences to help more people understand what it is like to have a caring role as a young person. See what happened at the event by watching our video below.

“For a long time I didn’t realise that I was a carer… I am hoping that this campaign will help other people…”

#WeCareToo Animations

The young adults hope to see positive changes through the use of the animations, including greater recognition of carers and improved early identification:

Read our #WeCareToo impact report:

#WeCareToo Campaign Information Pack

If you’re a professional working in Newcastle, or a local business or organisation, we have leaflets and posters available, in addition to digital resources that you can share via your website and social media platforms:  

James is a carer

Georgia is a carer

Grant is a carer

Becca is a carer

If you would like any more posters or resources, we have lots available, so please email [email protected]

The #WeCareToo campaign has been funded and supported by NHS England North Regional Safeguarding and Quality Team.