Return to Work Carers Project, as the name indicates, was established to help those carers who are in a position to move into employment. However, it is important to note that the support we are providing is not only around employment. On top of employability support, we are also supporting carers who wish to access education, higher education or training. We can also support carers who are already in employment. This makes us different from other employability projects, as our goal is to support carers to achieve their aspirations, be it straight into employment or support to access education first. We love to see carers succeeding and moving towards their goals, and we are excited to share their success with everyone.

We have been supporting Georgia, a young adult carer who wants to be an Adult Nurse, since last year. Getting into university to study Nursing is more difficult than applying for many other degrees. You have to achieve the required grades, but also successfully pass an interview. Sometimes even more than one interview! Naturally, Georgia was worried about the interview process and she was referred to Ave, our Carers into Work Adviser, to receive one to one support.

Over the months before the university interviews, Georgia and Ave worked together to identify what kind of questions she may be asked at the interview, and Georgia had an opportunity to prepare and practice for her interviews with Ave. Georgia was successful in all the interviews she had, and received conditional offers from all four universities she applied to. Well done Georgia and all the success in your future studies!

hands with blue medical gloves on holding a vaccine, writing saying COVID19 in the background.

Are you are a carer who is thinking about accessing employment, changing careers or wants to access training or education? Contact us to speak with Ave, our Carers into Work Adviser.