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At Newcastle Carers we recognise that schools and other education providers play a vital role in supporting carers of all ages. This section of our website is dedicated to helping education providers to identify, support and know when to refer carers with a caring role for specialist support.

Get in touch with our Young Carer Awareness Co-ordinator for more information.

Training for Schools

We can provide Carer Awareness in Schools Training for members of your team to help understand the needs of carers and the benefits of supporting carers within education settings. Please click each link below for information about training and future dates. 

Training is easy to book: get in touch with us on 0191 275 5060, or email [email protected]

Training for school governors

Training for primary school staff

Training for secondary school staff

Identified Carer Lead training


Newcastle City Council also has free online training available. Carer aware and young carer aware eLearning courses can be accessed free of charge by anyone living or working in Newcastle. To get started, download the training login information and instructions.

Identified Carer Leads

Identifying and supporting carers is everyone’s responsibility and it is important that the full school gets involved. We recommend that the whole staff team completes Carer Awareness Training.

It can also be great to identify a lead member(s) of staff to champion the needs of carers. Good practice guidance recommends having an identified Carer Lead within the Senior Leadership Team. This ensures carers are included in policy and key decision-making.

An ‘Identified Carer Lead’ role is to:

  • Motivate and encourage the rest of the staff team to identify and support carers

  • Be a lead contact for Newcastle Carers staff and other professionals e.g. school nurses

  • Be easily identified by students and parents so that they can ask you questions about caring or disclose a caring situation

  • Lead on the Young Carers in Schools Award submission

  • Highlight and Champion Young Carers Action Day

  • Raise awareness of carers within the school, e.g. putting up posters, display boards and delivering assemblies as required

Challenges in Education

Education is a big part of every young persons’ life. Balancing education alongside a caring role can create additional challenges and often it can be hard to manage all of this responsibility. Despite carers often struggling to juggle both education and caring they often don’t inform their school or college about what they are dealing with at home. Some of the reasons that carers have shared with us are:

  • I didn’t know who to tell
  • I didn’t know what to say
  • I was nervous, embarrassed, and worried about how my teacher would react


In addition to this many young people do not identify themselves as carers and may not realise that they are entitled to support. It is important for us to work together to support carers to be identified at the right time.

What could you do in your school to identify barriers that young carers face? It can be helpful to complete a review of the support you offer carers, this can be a good starting point. For information about how to review the support you offer to carers, see the national baseline review information here.

Awards for schools

Celebrate your achievements!

At Newcastle Carers we love to hear all about your work with carers. Have you delivered a great assembly on carer awareness? Have you made a new display board on carers’ rights? Let us know! We can promote your good practice on social media and our website.

There are also opportunities for schools and colleges to get national recognition for their good practice. Young Carers in Schools Award is a National Charter Mark.  Schools are encouraged to follow a step-by-step guide to look at key areas.

If your school would like to apply for the Young Carers in Schools Award register your interest here.

You can also talk to us about the support we can offer you locally to achieve this award.

Identifying parents with a caring role

School staff often speak to all members of the family. This means within your role you are ideally placed to identify parents who are caring for someone. At Newcastle Carers we are able to support carers of all ages.

If you identify a parent who is caring for someone who is ill, disabled, has mental health problems or is misusing drugs or alcohol, please encourage them to talk to us, or get their consent to refer them to our service.