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Are you a student? If you are a young adult carer studying in Newcastle and the person you look after lives in a different area, you can still access information and support from Newcastle Carers. For more information, please contact us

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How health professionals can help

Information Hub: The Caring Role

How health professionals can help

    When looking after someone, getting as much support as possible is vital to help and support you to continue caring for as long as possible. Receiving help from health professionals can often been quite daunting to some. However, it can often help to seek help from health professionals.

    Benefits of talking to health professionals

    Speaking to health professionals is a good way to access reliable information and advice on issues including:

    • The condition of the person you care for.
    • How to manage certain conditions.
    • How best to cope with the effects of the condition of the person you are caring for.
    • Contact details for local and national organisations.

    Speaking to health professionals' about the person you care for: consent (permission) and confidentiality

    It is worth being aware that unless the person you care for has given consent, the the health professional involved in their health and care won’t be able to discuss and share specific information with you. This is because of confidentiality. However, a professional can still:

    • Listen to you and any concerns you may have as their carer.
    • Give information and help you to understand how you can provide support to them.
    • Give you enough information to help you to still provide care and support to the person you look after.

    If you are wishing to talk about someone else's health with a health professional, see:

    How your General Practitioner (GP) and other health professionals can help you?:

    If you care for a relative or friend, it's important to let your GP know so that your medical records will reflect that you have caring responsibilities. Your GP and other health professionals (i.e. nurse) may be able to offer you services to help support you in your caring role, and also help you to look after your own health needs.

    • Carers UK - useful information on how a GP may be able to help.

    Looking after your own health needs: flu vaccinations

    If you care for someone who is older or disabled you may be able to get a free NHS flu jab. You can also get a flu jab if you receive the benefit Carer’s Allowance.

    A flu vaccination can help reduce your risks of getting flu and spreading it on to the person you care for. You need to ensure you have your flu jab every autumn -  have you had your free NHS flu jab this year yet?

    Let your GP surgery know that you are a carer and would like a flu vaccination because the welfare of the person you care for would be at risk if you were ill.

    Alternatively, ask your local pharmacy for a free NHS flu vaccination as many now offer this service and will liaise with your GP practice to let them know that you've been vaccinated.

    For more information on flu vaccinations see:

    • ‘Aim to be flu-proof this winter with a free NHS flu jab’ - download the poster from the "Download Now" button.
    • Carers Trust - information about flu jabs and how to make yourself flu-proof.
    • NHS Choices - information about getting a flu jab this winter.

    It's also important to look after your physical and mental health. Have you visted our "Health" section?


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