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Carers Annual Survey Feedback Summary

During December 2017 and January 2018 we conducted a survey, in which 100 service users were asked questions relating to Newcastle Carers and their roles as a carer. A targeted sample approach was taken, this was to ensure representation from the many minority groups we deal with. 

The following is a breakdown of the selected categories:  20 male carers; 29 carers of someone with dementia; 21 carers of someone with mental ill-health; 21 working carers; 34 older carers; 13 young adult carers; 19 carers from black and minority ethnic communities.

Below is a summary of the responses we received to the questions asked:

  • How often does your caring role affect your own health and how you feel?’ 35% said sometimes their caring role affects their own health and how they feel. With one carer even stating ‘I’m on duty all of the time’.
  • In response to the hardships posed, we asked ‘Have we helped with that and if so, how?’. This question garnered a remarkably positive outcome, with a staggering 81% of carers declaring that Newcastle Carers have helped them deal with the impact their caring role has on their health and well being. This being through complementary therapy, counselling, help to access funding grants and many more vital services offered.
  • I get problems resolved whenever I have one. I would be lost without Newcastle Carers”
  • 61% of carers said that our service has helped them cope with their caring role, and complimented the dedicated support team.
  • 53% of carers stated that the sterling work conducted, and continued support, advice and guidance from the team has helped to ease their worries about the future. One carer in particular said “Newcastle Carers helped me put a lot of measures in place so I can feel more prepared if anything happens”.
  • 22% of carers advised that they always worry about what will happen with their caring role in the future if they become ill themselves, many have become reliant upon a truly invaluable service.
  • We asked in response to their concerns ‘Have we helped with this and if so, how?’. 23 carers told us that having the reassurance of knowing someone was there to support them, and feeling supported, was important to them. One carer thanked the service by stating “You’ve made an enormous difference. Being here and knowing that you are here helps you get through the initial shock of diagnosis.
  • 63% of carers said that Newcastle Carers had helped them with information, knowledge and skills to help them in their caring role. This in turn has helped them stay positive in what can be a very testing time.
  • “Without Newcastle Carers I wouldn’t have got through it all.”
  • 57% of carers said Newcastle Carers have helped with their feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • 100% of carers said they would recommend Newcastle Carers to other carers.

In conclusion carers advised that the service has helped them feel not only supported and reassured, but empowered too, equipping them with vital skills and guidance, so that they can continue to provide much needed care to a loved one. The dedicated support team have continued to provide essential information and provision, this in turn helping to improve the lives of many local carer givers.

To find out more about how Newcastle Carers could help if you are a carer in the Newcastle area, please click here and a member of our team will happily answer any queries you have.

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