Young Carers Action Day Workshop

Our online event is an exciting opportunity to hear from young carers in Newcastle.

Young carers will share their caring experiences to help you gain an understanding of young carers’ situations. You will also receive information about how you can identify and support young people with a caring role. 

What will you get from taking part?

  • A greater understanding of who is a young carer
  • Improved awareness of what young carers do and how to spot when a child has a caring role
  • Information about the support available in Newcastle to support carers, e.g. groups, advice, grants, and bursaries
  • Increased confidence when talking to carers about their needs
  • Know-how for referring a young person to get support

This is your chance to take action to support young carers on Young Carers Action Day 2021.
Sign up for our online event here 

Why sign-up?

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen more young people taking on a caring role than ever before. Young carers are children and young people who look after someone who has an illness, disability, mental health illness, or addiction who could not manage without support. We need your help to identify carers to ensure they get the right help and support. This event can help you to know what to look for.