Our vision and values

We are working for a world where carers are identified, heard and recognised.  A world where every carer has professional support, information and guidance.  

We aim to improve the quality of life for carers of all ages in Newcastle, and to tackle the inequalities that they face.   


Our Vision

Our vision is for carers in Newcastle to:

• be recognised and valued
• have access to appropriate support, information and advice
• have choice and control

Our values in all aspects of our work:   

Professionalism – a high quality, confidential service that is well governed and managed

Equality – services and support will be accessible to all

Recognition – treating all carers as individuals

Innovative – creating and developing new ways of working and delivering services to support the needs of carers and stakeholders

Adaptable – flexible and responsive

Collaboration –sharing knowledge and resources, and building and maintaining meaningful relationships with other organisations

Empowerment – enabling carers to have choice and control in identifying and achieving their own goals

Person-centered – delivering a service based on the needs of carers and the people they look after

User-led – carers are at the heart of the organisation through governance, planning and consultation

At Newcastle Carers, we recognise, respect, and value difference. We believe that all people are of equal value, whether or not they are ill or disabled, whatever their ethnicity, culture, national origin or national status, whatever their gender and gender identity, whatever their religious or non-religious affiliation or faith background, and whatever their sexual orientation. We actively promote positive attitudes and mutual respect between people and communities.